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About Me

“Stop selling, start helping”

Zig Ziglar.

This quote must be the true spirit of every freelance; to help their client grow rather than gain a profit.

Maya Tarasiuk Online Fan

My name is Maya Tarasiuk, and I identify myself as a tech-savvy. My passion is to combine creativity and innovation to create blow minding marketing. I am keen on keeping an eye on the latest and emerging trends that enable me to implement strategies and launch campaigns beforehand at the peak of any emerging trend. By Utilizing the power of all available marketing platforms and campaigns such as SEO, PPC, paid campaigns, content marketing, and other critical areas of Digital Marketing; I can develop implementable plans that can yield the results desirable by the clients and improve the KPIs, thus improving the outreach of my clients and increasing the ROI.

Through quantitative analysis, I can identify the strengths and vulnerabilities and mend the performance of the areas that need improvement and increase the efficiency of those that are already performing well. I am well versed in:

Creating brand strategies.
Cross Channel Digital Advertising
Market research and analysis.
Product Marketing and Funnel optimization

When you have made your client’s growth the measure of your success, you develop a habit of going the extra mile for the client, free of charge. I am proficient in developing a cohesive and profitable marketing strategy for my clients. By utilizing multichannel consumer touch-points, I can strategize plans bound to bring success to my clients. I am Available as a freelancer, I have excellent communicational skills and the ability to perform well with any team. Being a team player, I can quickly mitigate the load of responsibility for any organization that is packed or looking to hire a seasoned professional who can work for them on a freelance basis.

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark, You know what you are doing, but nobody else does…